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There are LOADS of really cool things happening with CSS3 at the moment. Have you seen the CSS3 solar system? Or really cool and detailed CSS3 Clouds? If not, I really suggest you check those out first. The solar system is quite a simple concept now with the use of border radius and simple rotation animations being quite standard among users and the latest browsers. The clouds are something a little more special using some JavaScript on top of CSS to get the major effects (check out the tutorial here).

However, as cool as these things are something came along today that I found very cool indeed! It's a bit of fun with what you can do these days, but has some practical possibilites for certain projects. Check out the link below before a quick explanation.

Awesome CSS3

Of the four given demos I think demo 2 has the most practicality of them all, but number 4 is just cool and very fun. The transitions are so smooth and not too complex, which is one of the major reasons I really like this demo! I've had a play with creating water splashes myself and things can get quite complex (more on that in a later blog, when I have something to show for it).

Which do you think is the best? Until we have a new comment system up and running you can head over to and leave comments there about this post.

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