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YouTube Playlist RSS Feed Creator

  • Created 9th Jan 2010 @ 18:46:34
  • Last update 1st Apr 2014 @ 10:51:50
  • By Alex Hall

The YouTube API provides a number of RSS feeds for various aspects of the YouTube community such as, Top Rated videos and Most Favourited video, plus some peronsal feeds for such things as 'your uploaded videos', but nowhere is there a working tool that provides individual playlist RSS feeds based on a single parameter.

Well, now there is. All you need to use this tool is the ID of the playlist, which is normally the charaters the 'p=' in the URL of a playlist video. This unique ID can provide you with all of the video information from that playlist. Use the form below to generate an RSS feed and video template so you can put the playlist on your own website. Or use the RSS with such applications as TVersity and stream the playlist directly to your computer, or even through your Xbox or PS3!

Please note: If you don't know the ID of the playlist you would like to create a feed for please type in your username (or the username of the owner of the playlist, if it is public) and we will fetch you a list of currently active playlists. From there you can click "Create Feed" on the playlist of your choice and we'll create the feed and give you the URL you'll need to access it!

Your playlists, or a link to your feed will appear here.

Comments (11)

Didn't work for me. by Kirk Stouffer

on 2nd Oct 2013 @ 22:56:15

By chance does this not work for U.S. accounts?

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It Should by Alex Hall (author)

on 23rd Oct 2013 @ 10:58:00

Hi Kirk,

Yes it should work for any accounts anywhere. Did you use your username, or add a playlist ID?

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Playlists does not appear by ikhsan

on 30th Oct 2013 @ 04:06:21

When I try with AFVofficial username then I got some list, But after click Create Feed :

Your playlists, or a link to your feed will appear here does not any result ...

Please help me


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It Does Work by Alex Hall (author)

on 30th Oct 2013 @ 10:29:21

Hi Ikhsan,

I have just tried that username and it created the feeds perfectly well for me. Give it a little time, it may take a while for feeds with more videos as it has to load each page individually. Also, have you tried using just the Playlist ID?


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Reply by untoro

on 27th Dec 2013 @ 14:06:54

Thanks you

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It doesn't work by gojiin

on 6th Jan 2014 @ 05:14:58

I see problem same as previous comments, after created feed by username and following click to open button, it shows error "Playlist has not been created. Please use the form below to create your playlist.".

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All Fixed by Alex Hall (author)

on 10th Jan 2014 @ 12:55:30

Apologies everyone. The playlist should now work for any playlist you choose. I have found the problem and implemented a fix.

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Filter Playlist by Neil

on 31st Mar 2014 @ 06:21:54

How can I filter to just return one particular playlist from a username. After I insert a username i.e. anne2matthew and a Playlist ID i.e. PL44C09A99782381E7 it returns all available playlists. I can click on the Cool Science for Kids link but there are no results under that page created. I'm trying to offer some resources for Primary School classes but some of these playlists may be questionable for this age group thus my desire to filter to one topic. Hope this makes sense. Thanks

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Not working as expected by Neil C

on 1st Apr 2014 @ 01:01:32

Hi - not sure why my previous comment was moderated but I am attempting to filter a username's list to one specific playlist. I'm entering the username and the playlistID and it returns all available lists. clicking the playlist of interest returns a page with no results only a heading. Wondering if you could shed some light on this for me. Much appreciated :)

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Fixed! by Alex Hall (author)

on 1st Apr 2014 @ 09:56:38

Hi Neil,

Sorry about that. I just tested it and noticed that when given a playlist ID it doesn't actually work! I've now fixed this.

You also don't need to put in a username and playlist ID. Playlists have a unique ID so are only tied to one user anyway. You can either use a username to fetch all playlists, or just a playlist ID to return that playlist.

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update date incorrect by Nick

on 2nd Jul 2014 @ 18:20:20

I tried adding a playlist feed to Feedly. It looks like feedly will use the atom:updated if it's availble over the pubDate. It looks like your site is outputting the wrong atom:updated date if none is found. Can you change it to not include the atom_updated if none is found? Right now all my dates in feedly are showing Dec. 31 1970

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