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  • Posted 10th Jun 2012 @ 02:53:15
  • Last update 24th May 2013 @ 18:01:35
  • By Alex Hall
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It's been a while since anything has happend on DeVSeO recently due to other commitments, work, running, the gym and guitar! However, I've finally managed to put some time into the site today and here's what has happened!

Firstly, I know that a couple of the tools haven't been working for a while and, among other things, this was due to the server migration from a shared host to my shiny new VM (thank you!). This should hopefully mean that the site runs a little faster and has less down time (although that wasn't the case this week thank you kind spammer!).

YouTube Playlist RSS Feed Creator

I have now fixed the YouTube Playlist RSS Feed Creator tool we have here in two ways. Firstly, it was completely broken because the YouTube Data API changed and I didn't notice (sorry!). The way in which playlists are looked up is now slightly different and annoyingly YouTube don't actually give you the playlist ID required to use the tool. However, I've added a secondary function that allows you to look up a list of playlists for a given YouTube user and from that list create your RSS Feed by clicking the link to the relevant playlist, hurray! I've also set it up so that you don't need toworry about only 25 returning. It will loop through all pages of playlist items and return them all to you in one list!

Next on the list for this tool is the ability to merge playlists by passing more than one playlist ID!

Image Watermark Creator

I'm not 100% sure what I was doing when I originally wrote the Image Watermark Creator tool because it just didn't work all that well. However, it does now and I've added a couple of extra cool features to it too! You can now specifiy the colour, position and offset of the text you would like overlaid on to the image. I've also updated the font it uses to a much nicer one. The page will also display the image on a nice page of the site (removing caching issues) allowing you to save it. But please be aware that the directory the images are stored in is periodically cleaned so make sure you save them rather than linking to them!

The future of this tool sees you being able to select the desired font from a list of designated ones (also the size of the font). Plus, rather than just limiting you to a textual-based watermark I'm going to add the ability to upload (or link to) a second image that can be used as the watermark allowing you to create much fancier watermarks!

WebSockets And PHP Chat Client

I have recently been having a bit of a play with the WebSocket API, which is now supported in most, if not all, major browsers so can finally start to be used (if you don't care about IE users). I've written myself a little chat client that can be found at and I will package up for download and create a blog for a bit of an explanation on how it works. It's a very simple application and has plenty of scope to easily modify various sections. Stay tuned for that, it's coming soon!

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