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Unfollow Your Twitter Followers On DeVSeO

  • Posted 30th Jan 2010 @ 20:13:55
  • Last update 24th May 2013 @ 18:01:35
  • By Alex Hall

Have you somehow managed to amass a great following of people you just don't know on Twitter? It happens. You probably don't realise it, especially if you have one of those tools that automatically follows anyone that is following you.

All too easily you may find that you have a great number of followers that you simply don't want! I have seen quite a number of tools on the Internet that say they can mass remove or delete all of your Twitter followers but I have found almost none of those to be anywhere near successful! Well, there is something you can do about it.

So how do I unfollow all my Twitter followers already?

Here at DeVSeO we have written a tool you can use, for free, to unfollow all of your Twitter followers with the greatest of ease. All we require is your Twitter username and password (both of which will completely private to you, we do not store any information passed through by our forms) and if you only want a set number removed we can do that too, just fill in the extra field in the form.

So, you may be asking where you can find this amazing tool? Well follow the link below, insert your details into the form and watch your followers disappear. We'll tell you how many we removed, but be aware that this could take some time depending on the number of followers you want to be removed.

Unfollow Your Twitter Followers

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