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Microsoft To Support IE6 Until 2014

  • Posted 17th Aug 2009 @ 16:34:39
  • Last update 24th May 2013 @ 18:01:35
  • By Alex Hall

In a recent article Microsoft have revealed that they plan to continue support for the years-out-of-date Internet Explorer 6, despite acknowledging that it is riddled with flaws and security issues.

The software giant said it would support IE6 until 2014 - four years beyond the original deadline.

Critics - some of which have started an online campaign - want the eight-year-old browser mothballed because they claim it slows the online experience.

What I love about the statements made by the Internet Explorer creative team are the amount of criticism they put into the browser, yet make a statement that support will continue for another four years!

Here is a small quote from Amy Barzdukas, Microsoft's general manager for Internet Explorer:

"Friends do not let friends use IE6,"

"If you are in my social set and I have been to your house for dinner, you are not using IE6," she said. "But it is much more complicated when you move into a business setting."

"It's hard to be cavalier in this economy and say 'oh it's been around for so long they need to upgrade,'"

So, once again, the same old argument remains: companies produced software for the inferior browser and instead of updating their software to support the newer version the rest of the web is held back to continue struggling to create the best code possible that still works for an inferior browser.

I am of the opinion that this is a little bit of a joke. Plus, you can be rest-assured that we'll still have to struggle long after the support has waned by Microsoft themselves.

And the best thing about this report is that, not two days ago I wrote a blog (which has currently been lost and I will try to find shortly) with the news that Microsoft have ditched support for Internet Explorer in it's new Office Application Suite for the Web!

A small glimmer of light it would appear, as Microsoft just can't seem to make up their minds. If you feel strongly enough and wish to join the cause to help rid the web of Internet Explorer 6 (despite the fact it could never work) join the cause.

Read more at the BBC

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