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  • Created 19th May 2009 @ 10:29:53
  • Last update 27th Jan 2014 @ 11:44:29
  • By Alex Hall

It is always useful to know who else is being hosted on your server because having bad web neighbours is fundamentally the same as having bad neighbours outside of the web world in that you are more likely to get a bad reputation from the reputation of one of your neighbouring sites. Of course, for sites that are simply distasteful you can contact your web host and have them removed, but this is more focusing on sites that have a bad reputation through simply not being built very well.

This tool will show you all of the other sites that share the same IP as you and from them you can have a look and see the kind of sites that are sharing your hosting space. The better the site, the better for you!

Your neighbours will appear here.

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