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Link And Page Rank Checker

  • Created 9th Sep 2009 @ 17:20:33
  • Last update 27th Jan 2014 @ 14:38:09
  • By Alex Hall

This link and pagerank checker will help you find out some details about your site with regards to it's SEO status. The link and pagerank checker tool will show you the current pagerank of the site, whether the site is listed in DMoz, how many backlinks to Yahoo and Google there are plus some other interesting information.

On top of all that we have also included a link checker, which will tell you which sites are linking to the page you enter. The link and pagerank checker tool will return the title of the page, a link to the page and the current pagerank of this site. This will help to give you some indication of the kind of sites that are referencing your site and where some pagerank maybe coming from.

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