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Get The Distance Between Two Addresses

by Alex Hall (on 11th Aug 2011 @ 16:33:27)

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Find The Distance Between Two Addresses

After having a lot of fun working on the "Find Your Nearest ATM" script I decided to have a go at something similar, but a little bit different.

Some Background

This is actually going to be part of a project I'm currently working on in my job at Worldview Limited. I have recently been writing a "Proposal Generator", which uses a lovely JavaScript "Web App" interface to add options and text to generate a PDF "proposal" for our corporate clients.

Part of the specification for the new system was to include the distance from a given location to one of our supplier locations. This needed to be dynamic based on the two addresses given so I decided to have a hunt around and see what I could find.

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Find Your Nearest ATM

by Alex Hall (on 6th Jul 2011 @ 16:25:50)

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Find Your Nearest ATM

I have been working on a few scripts recently a little different to the normal ones you might find on DeVSeO. Partly this is because I have now discovered how awesome jQuery can be, and how easy it is to learn and use. Because of this I have undertaken a few personal "mini-projects" with the help of jQuery and a little bit of HTML5 thrown in for good measure.

The first of these is my new "ATM Finder", which uses Google Maps to plot ATMs on a map for you based on one of a number of parameters. If you are using a smartphone or have an HTML5-capable browser you can use the GeoPosition functions to plot the map based on your current location. This doesn't work that well for desktop PCs because the GeoPosition is usually based on where you ISP is located. But for smartphones, from my testing at least, it should work really well!

If you have any issues with it please comment below and let me know. I am considering release it as an app for various smartphones, but it currently works pretty well as a web-based application.

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Online Website Enhancement Tools from DeVSeO

by Paul Bourne (on 17th Aug 2009 @ 15:27:18)

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As I'm sure you've worked out by now, DeVSeO is about combining cutting edge development methods with search engine optimisation processes.

The use of online website enhancement tools is becoming more and more popular across the internet as webmasters look to gain a competitive advantage over the competition and we've currently got 6 such tools which are free for you to use to make the most from your website.

Whilst the tools we currently offer provide you with the building blocks and advice for a great website, we want to add more to our profile.

In addition to the new tools we are currently developing, we need your help. Is there a tool out there that could be better or a tool that doesn't exist that could make your life a whole lot easier? Then we want to hear from you, get in touch with us with your ideas and we'll look to get the tools you want and need out there for all to use.

And now for a shameless plug: you can now follow us on twitter, just enter your details into the 'Add Us to Twitter' section the left hand side of this page (Please note: we CANNOT see this information)

As always, we look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and thoughts.

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