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How To Get Anti-Aliased Fonts From Google Fonts

by Alex Hall (on 2nd Jun 2014 @ 14:46:42)

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I've been a little annoyed with the font rendering in  Google Chrome recently because it just hasn't been a crisp as in other modern browsers such as Firefox (see here, and here, and here). It seems that Chrome 37 has now  fixed this issue released in May (so get your browser updated!) meaning that locally hosted web fonts that use SVG formats for Chrome users now look very polished.

However, there's still a slight issue in Chrome when you use fonts from their hosted  fonts. When you include the link to the web font in the head of your page it detects the browser being used and serves the correct font type for that browser (speeding things up and keeping the filesize as small as possible). But this method does not return an SVG for Chrome users, it returns a .woff file. Chrome can't cope with these so the anti-aliasing will be very much non-existent.

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